Orbis Education – Landing Pages (WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery)
Developed WordPress landing pages for multiple clients. Implemented custom themes and plugins to process form submissions into a CRM pipeline, optimized for search engines, applied valid schema and structured data.

Orbis Education – Automated Testing (Codeception, PHP, Javascript)
Setup automated tests for various websites to verify and validate form configurations for multiple websites and landing pages. Tests vary depending on different configurations setup for each site.

Image Advantage – Portal (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, FabricJS, Chrome Extension)
Developed an integrated workspace for multiple users with multi-level access. Developed a Chrome Extension customized to the portal to help users grab images from external client sites. The images are loaded into an HTML canvas for further editing if needed. The images are saved and stored to a file bucket on AWS to be used on other web applications.

Kelmscott, Inc – Fox Valley Park District Interactive Map (WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery)
Added an interactive map plugin to the Fox Vally Park district web site modified to match the existing layout, be responsive and accessible on mobile devices. Site administrators were also given a way to do mass updates to the map by uploading a CSV file or individually through the WordPress admin page. The interactive map had become the client’s most viewed page (

Kelmscott, Inc – Proper Title Website Redesign (Joomla, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5)
Applied a new responsive layout to the Proper Title site and created new interactive form pages.

Abercrombie & Kent – Server Enhancements and Web Security (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard V6.1, IIS Version 7.5, SQL Server 2008 R2)
Migrated several websites to a new server—the migration involved setting up sites on a new IIS Server; backing up databases from an old SQL Server and restoring to a new one, setting and verifying folder and database permissions on the new site, and creating scheduled tasks to back-up the new web and database servers; Added IIS Dynamic IP Restriction to mitigate hacking attempts.

Abercrombie & Kent – Email Marketing Microsites (.Net C#, SQL Server, jQuery, Google Analytics)
Created microsites to track email marketing responses; added enhancements to a microsite template which include creating stored procedures for batch data processing; applied responsive design layout to template.

Abercrombie & Kent – Email Marketing System Integration (Responsys API, SQL Server, Windows Server)
Setup scheduled jobs in the vendor system (Responsys ) to support marketing campaigns. Setup database scripts to export marketing data from local SQL Server database; scheduled tasks were setup on Windows server to upload the exported data files to Responsys;

Rice University – Off Campus Housing (CMS 400, .Net, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, Google Maps API)
Created a searchable database that contains Housing Guide listings and listings submitted by landlords, as well as entertainment establishments listing; a map display of rental units and entertainment listings, with directions from the Rice campus dynamically generated using Google Maps API.

Rice University – Language Registration (CMS 400, .Net, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, TouchNet, USPS API)
Built an application to allow end users to register for foreign language classes; the application integrates with the Continuing Studies Foreign Language website built in CMS 400; payment processing is handled through web service calls to TouchNet; address verification is through web service calls to USPS Address Information API.

Rice University – Shadow Reports (ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL Server)
An application built to assist in budget planning and cost modeling; different access levels set for administrators, managers, and reviewers; authentication verified through CAS; extensive use of SQL Server stored procedures.

Rice University – Space Survey (ColdFusion, SQL Server, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery)
This application provides a way for department administrators to report room occupancy for campus buildings; the user interface provides mouse-over feedback from the database using AJAX and jQuery.

Rice University – Promotions and Tenure (ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL Server, OnBase)
Web site built to facilitate online collection of tenure and promotions documents; the web application sends uploaded documents, as well as metadata information, to OnBase, an enterprise level document management system.

Rice University – Portrait Photography Registration (ColdFusion, JavaScript, Oracle, TouchNet)
An application created with a restricted access section for registered photographers which allows online appointment scheduling and incorporates online payment processing; an appointment confirmation email is automatically sent upon successful online payment; photographers are also be able to review their scheduled appointments; a restricted access area for Administrators was also created; administrators are able to block off time periods where no appointments are allowed.

Rice University – External Faculty Application (ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL Server)
Created a document upload page that allows uploads of multiple documents; the page requires that applicants enter their name, select an application type, and upload at least one document; the document types to be uploaded are limited to either MS Word or Adobe PDF documents.

Rice University – Financial Aid Job Board (ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL Server)
An online system built for the Office of Financial Aid to facilitate the posting of student jobs by Rice departments and groups and student applications for those jobs. The system is restricted to the Rice community by means of a NETID login authenticated through CAS.

Rice University – Purchase Requisition (ColdFusion, JavaScript, Oracle)
An application built for the Department of Bioengineering to automate their purchase requisition process. The online system built streamlined ordering, plus ensured that essential information about orders were conveyed to the administrative staff in the department; requestors are allowed to preview a request and confirm the information before submission; all required fields (including fund, vendor name, items, etc.) must be completed before a purchase number is assigned; the system sends an email with attached PDF of PO information to the requestor’s email address of record; a restricted site for administrative staff was also built that allows them to search for POs and download search results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Rice University – Graduate Housing Package Log (ColdFusion, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL Server, MS Access)
Created an application for receiving packages with logging and reporting functionality; import existing tenant data from MS Access.

Rice University – News Conversion (SQL Server, CMS 400, .Net, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XAMPP)
The Rice Public Affairs department wanted to convert from their existing content management system (xCatalyst) to CMS 400; some of the existing articles they wanted to convert to WordPress; created scripts in ASPX to import articles to CMS 400 and SQL Server; created scripts in PHP to import data to WordPress and MySQL.

Washington Mutual – Risk Management Tools (VBA, SQL Server)
Built applications for the risk management group that creates exception reports from loan and wire data and allowed users to update loan/wire recipient information; also, developed reporting tools to use in loan selection for field reviews.

Girl Scouts San Jacinto Council – Registration Application (ColdFusion, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
Created a registration application to process events sponsored by the Girl Scouts.; the applications allowed users to register and either pay online or send in their payments by mail. The online payment processing uses VeriSign’s PayFlow Pro COM objects. Transaction results for each payment are used to update user’s database records.

Work from Home, Inc. – Lead Generation and Processing System (ColdFusion, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS)
Created an application designed that leads prospects through a sales presentation and eventually captures data from internet sales leads. The sales leads are piped through a processing system that cycles through and distributes leads to subscribed users.

Work from Home, Inc. – Online Training System (Flash MX, Actionscript, ColdFusion, SQL Server)
Created an application that allows users to view online training videos; the application authenticates user information to verify that they have access to the system. The application also sends information to a database through a web service to track the user’s progress.

Work from Home, Inc. – Account Management System (ColdFusion, SQL Server)
Created an application that allows clients to manage their subscribed services; the application also incorporates a prospect management system where they can setup auto-responders, send customized communication, and convert prospects into customers.

Girl Scouts San Jacinto Council – Administration and Management System (ColdFusion, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS)
Created an internal application that allows users to manage event registrations; some of the functionalities included are: batch confirmations, manual registrations, new event/activity creation, and session management.

Bandy and Associates – Invoice Application (ColdFusion, MS Access, Javascript, HTML)
Created a customized application for an environmental service company; the application keeps track of different client contracts and the work orders and jobs under those contracts. The user can enter technician hours, as well as, different services to be charged. Invoices are created on the fly as MS Word documents.

University of Houston – Journal of Classroom Interaction Subscription Module (ColdFusion, Javascript, HTML)
Created a subscription module for an online journal; the application lets users select the type of subscription. An administration module is also included where administrators can manage the different subscriptions.

Baylor College of Medicine – Content and Site Manager (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
The application allows different departments to create and maintain content on their site without having to worry about the site layout and design. All sites created follow the approved design and layout as defined by a central administrator. The application also allows for a review process where users are defined according to their tasks (i.e. editor, reviewer, approver, etc.)

Baylor College of Medicine – Physicians’ Directory (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
This application features both a restricted administrative section for managing content and a publicly accessible display area. The display area contains navigation by section, as well as a keyword search. The content is also provided as a web service.

Baylor College of Medicine – Standing Committees (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
Oracle stored procedures were developed for this application to populate the database as well as perform other database functions. The management GUI features the ability to dynamically generate reports as Microsoft Word or Excel documents.

Baylor College of Medicine – News/Announcement Manager (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
This application allows authorized users to submit news and announcement for posting to the intranet. Another section allows managers to review and approve posts. The approved news or announcement can be posted to different areas of the intranet or sent out as an email notification.

Baylor College of Medicine – Survey Manager (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
The survey manager allows for the creation of surveys to display in different areas of the intranet. One of its features is the ability to define different answer types for each question such as text input, multiple choice, or ratings. The manager also allows dynamic result reporting or the data downloading for further statistical analysis.

Baylor College of Medicine – Email Form Handler (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
This application allowed web maintainers to create different forms in their site. The form handler processes the information, displays the results on the browser and then sends out the information through email to the designated recipients.

Baylor College of Medicine – Laboratory Order Processing Application (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
This application provided a single point of entry for different order requests. A restricted management section allowed for the review and approval of orders sent in. All order information is maintained in the database and reports are generated monthly to monitor expenditure.

Baylor College of Medicine – Medical School Admissions Review (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
The management section of this application allows an administrator to assign faculty members as applicant reviewers. The administrator can also assign applicants to the reviewers to review. The restricted reviewer section allows authorized users to see applicant documentation, as well as the ability to grade applicants.

Baylor College of Medicine – Faculty CV (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
This allows faculty members to update their curriculum vitae online. They can also designate a user to be their editor and update their CVs for them. Designated users can only update CVs assigned to them. The CVs go through a submission and approval process: from the editor, to the departmental administrator, and finally to the faculty review committee.

SBI – Burlington HR Benefits System (ASP, CDONTS, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
Developed an Intranet application that would allow employees to login and check their benefits status and summary. The application consists of a user module and an administration module for user maintenance. The system is written in ASP on a Windows NT platform using an Oracle 8 database. Client-side error checking is done through Javascript. E-mail functionality is provided through using the CDONTS COM object.

SBI – GSMS Mailer Ordering Module (ASP, Perl, SQL Server, HTML)
Updated an application that provided a way for clients to order marketing mailers targeted to customers by zip code; the application keeps track of previous orders placed and allows clients to copy a previous order or create a new one.

SBI – Minute Maid Press Release Module (Perl, Oracle, HTML)
Added a module to an existing website; the module allows an administrator to upload Press Release articles to a database which users can search for and view on the public site.

SBI – City of Austin Vendor Registration System (ColdFusion, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
Developed an online vendor registration system with both a public and restricted admin modules; the public site contains a registration module, a search module, a maintenance module for users, and a FAQ page. The admin section contains a registration approval module, a maintenance module for administrators, a FAQ maintenance section, a report section, and an admin user maintenance section.

SBI – Prime Supplier Web Site (ColdFusion, SQL Server, HTML)
Added administrator and bulletin board modules to an existing web site; the Administrator module allows administrators to set topics to be discussed on the Bulletin Board, set contact information, and upload files for download on the public site.

SBI – Reed Tools Tools Catalog Application (ASP, Oracle, Javascript, HTML)
Enhanced an existing system written in ASP and using an Oracle database in the back end; Javascript was used extensively to add client-side error checking, as well as to enhance the search engine capability.

SBI – Rice University Intellectual Property Disclosure System (Perl, HTML)
Enhanced and developed an application for submitting intellectual property and software disclosures. The application consists of a public site for software downloads, a user restricted site for submitting disclosures, and an administrator site for reviewing and approving submitted disclosures. Other functionality includes email and file upload capability.

SBI – Super Stand Online Magazine Search Site (ColdFusion, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML)
Developed an online magazine search site with both a public module and a restricted admin module; the public site allowed users to search for magazine by category, sub-category, and keywords. Users can also search for store locations with the results tying in to Mapquest. The Admin functions allowed administrators to add new magazines to the database as well as upload scanned covers of the magazine. The administrator can also specify advertisement boxes on each page on the public site.

CCS – Lockheed Martin Corporation (ColdFusion, MS Access, Visual Basic, CDO, Javascript, HTML)
Developed an online maintenance tracking system for missile launchers; also, developed a document tracking system in Visual Basic using an Access database in the backend. Used CDO to interface with the Exchange servers to generate automated email messages and added email capability to a custom-built editor using Visual Basic. – Web Applications (ColdFusion, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML)
Created and developed different web-based applications which include: an application for creating/provisioning customer accounts; a sales application and on-line sign-up for internet service site; an application for batch/manual credit card and ACH/bank draft processing; an on-line interface for web page creation.